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    Cleaning a mower

    Our mower looks like it was dragged out of a dumpster, is there a way to clean it up and maybe paint it? What is the best way to do this?
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    Animal waste

    How bad for my lawn is animal waste and what can I put on it to counteract the problem. I wish I owned a bee bee gun, I have a cat that thinks my lawn is his litter box. Worse is, it is not even mine!
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    Removing the final bits of snow

    Am I crazy to be going out and removing the last bits of snow from my yard with a shovel so it can dry out? I am too impatient to let it go on it's own. My gardens closest to the road are still under snow.
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    How did you spend St Paddy's Day?

    Did you drink any green beer? They had a beer call at work and were serving green beer, I couldn't bring myself to drink it, as I am not a big fan of beer in general, let along when it is green too.
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    From seed or plants

    Which way do you plant? Start them from seed, or buy plants already grown? I don't know which way would be better, is there an advantage, besides price to growing them yourself?
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    Some tips when hiring a landscaper?

    What are some things to look for in a landscaper? I have decided to consult a landscaper to develop my plot of land. Can I just pay for a consult and some ideas or how does it work?
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    Anyone raise chickens?

    My husband wants to raise some chickens this year because of the price of chicken and eggs these days, I am just wondering how badly they will hurt my lawn.
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    Unique bed design

    I am looking for a unique flower bed design for my new flower bed this spring. I want something not everyone has, any weird suggestions for me?
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    March came in like a Lion

    Well hopefully our weather gets better now, March came in like a lion, I hope it goes out like a lamb. I am so tired of winter it is not even funny!
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    Prices for used snowblowers?

    What is a good price for a used snowblower? We are looking at one for $500, it is a HONDA and has a new engine and it is 27 inches wide with 3 speeds. I don't know much about them so I thought I would ask.
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    Most Popular foods?

    What are some most popular foods for a New Year's Party? I know there is usually champagne or something to toast with, but what else do you commonly see at at New Year's Party?
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    New Year's Plans

    Do you have any big plans for New Year's Eve? The hubby is working overtime and working the next day so it will be a quiet night for me with a hot chocolate and a book, you?
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    Snowplough co op

    I was just asked to go in on a snowplough co-op in our neighborhood. It is $500 for the season and may increase if we get more snow than last year, what do you think?
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    Naturally Occurring Grasses

    How does one encourage naturally occurring grasses to grow rather than the commercial ones they have for sale these days. I would like to go more natural. Suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Winter colds

    I woke up this morning feeling awful. I have a headache, my body aches and I feel absolutely horrible. I hate winter colds. I always seem to get sicker in the winter than any other season.