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Hello folks,
I have a B&S 33r777, 18.5 hp on a husqvarna tractor. While cutting, stopped running. Long story short, about 1in of the intake valve broke off. In the process it bent the metal plate where the plastic square guide things go. Having a hard time setting the valve rods, niether rods moves on rotatiion. Could that bent plate be the source of the problem? Drained oil, no metal
Hurrican Ian kicked our butts BUT, everyone is throwing away not just good stuff but GREAT stuff. I got three zero-turns, a Cub Cadet ZT1, a Dixie Chopper and a Toro. I just got the Cub Cadet running and idling after about 2 hours of work and $h† rigging a fuel pump. The Dixie Chopper is a BEAST. I have yet to look at it in detail. The Toro is cool but again haven't had time to see if I can save it.
My pressure washer with a Briggs engine won't start today. I ran it last week until it ran out of gas. Two days later I tipped it over to drain the old oil out, and yesterday I put fresh oil and gas in it. I have wet fuel at the plug, I can see the spark, and I have air too. I tried a shot of starting fluid into the carb, and later into the plug hole. I think I will pull the carb, clean it out and reinstall it.
Using a Scag tiger Cub and the left rear transmission hesitates then takes off with a thrust when in use on turns or to back-up. What could cause that issue?
May be air in the system. Make sure all the hoses and fittings are tight. Try purging the system of air.