Question about ingition coil with a pick up coil


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Dec 13, 2019
I just tried to set the timing by moving the chain around the cam. I aligned the flywheel magnet with the pick up coil and aligned the timing mark on the cam and set the timing chain there. Now the intake valve wI'll not allowed the piston to cycle from the exhaust stroke to the intake stroke. The piston stops at TDC on the intake stroke because it can't cLear the intake valve. What am I doing wrong?
Just went though doing a valve job on this unit which entails splitting the case ( smart Chinese design, NOT).

Anyway, there is a timing dot on the overhead cam, it's needs to straight up noon. There's also a timing dot on the bottom timing gear that's on the crank, it needs to be straight up noon (there's a verticle line on the cylinder like the Honda) also. When you moved the timing chain up top you un-alighned these two dots and your piston/valve timing is off and valves are kissing the piston and that's why it won't rotate.

The flywheel has magnets on it so don't bang it hard with a metal hammer. Flywheel is press fit with woodruff key. Get a puller, screw in to the two side bolts and push against the crank snout, with the puller under load gently tap the flywheel with a rubber hammer or a dead blow all around the top radius edge where the front face curves over and it will come off.

Motor design is a funky diagonally split case just like the Honda EU2000i.

Watch this video it'll help you understand the design:
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