DON'T buy the DR Trimmer


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May 19, 2011
Re: 5/14/11 reply - DON'T buy the DR Trimmer

Well, here's some data....
I purchased the high end self propelled model last fall. We used it for half an hour before the self propel drive chain fell off. We spent a couple hours trying to get it back on and it fell off again. We schlepped it back to the dealer, 60 miles away to fix it. We didn't get to use it the rest of the year. (Dealer couldn't get me the cutting wire.) So into the shed it went for the winter - properly stored and all. Got it out between the constant rain this spring and guess what.... half an hour into cutting it slips again. Back to the shop to be repaired. And now the bill is over $400 to fix the drive and axle, and broken wheel. 12 grand and I haven't run it an hour yet. How's that for some data. She's right, don't waste your money. I thought I was getting a quality machine for 12 grand. I could have gotten some cheap Korean trimmer and actually accomplished something.

Thanks for the warning. Of course there's more data available now than there was when you purchased this machine, but there's no universal love-fest going on for the DR Trimmer. Very mixed reviews. Can you expand on the "company wouldn't stand behind their product" part of your comments? Bad customer service would drive me to warn people off of a product more than anything else.


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Mar 22, 2011
Holy cow, DR makes a $12,000 trimmer? Which model is that?