1. L

    Snapper Big Mow Pulley nut

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting here and I've run into a bit of a problem. I have a Big Mow (the three wheel zero turn kind) and the engine blew up so now I need to replace the crank and all the other rotating parts. But I can't find the socket that would work on the nut. The...
  2. Jaison

    Snapper rear rider 281016BE

    I bought this mower recently, and it ran great until I got the blades spinning and ran over some leaves. It stalled, died and wouldn’t start back up. What I’ve done since then: Replaced spark plug Replaced battery Replaced blade safety switch Replaced fuel filter Replacing seat safety switch...
  3. BrokenChef

    Help with my 2013 Snapper 33" riding mower please.

    New member here. After the passing of my father, I've taken over maintenance for my mom. I'm having some issues trying to repair this 10 year old Snapper. My dad was a mechanic and kept everything in good shape. I can do basics but I'm def not a mower mechanic. YouTube is my best friend...
  4. C

    Snapper S200x smoking

    Brand new to this forum. I have a Snapper S200x with 700+ hours on it. On Tuesday evening, started right up and mowed for about 2 hrs with no issues. Last night went to mow and nothing. Just a high pitch hum and a click when i tried to start it. Tried it again this evening and same thing...
  5. G

    B&S 12.5hp on 28" Snapper rear engine rider.

    I put a new battery into the mower and it worked fine. But the red plastic cover over the positive terminal was shot - so I ordered some covers. Today I installed them on both terminals - r/b. The starter gets juice but it doesn't turn over. Sounds like a stuck solenoid on a 1966 Ford I used...
  6. B-Sonnier

    old snapper sr2130 gas cap vent screw

    i lost the vent screw on the gas cap / gauge of my sr2130 snapper. The cap / level gauge works fine so i don't want to spend $30 for a new one and i like the fuel gauge so i don't want to buy a plain cap. was hoping its a standard screw but the parts lists don't show that part. It sits on top of...
  7. E

    Strange name for a Snapper/ Briggs part?

    My 15 year old walk behind 21 in snapper/Briggs blade clutch cable (the dead man switch- you let go of the bail on the handle and the engine stops) broke. the replacement part is called "Control Zone". Seems "Blade clutch cable would be better- stupid." . Who picked "control zone"?
  8. D

    Snapper RT8 tiller

    Looking for a drive plate that goes on the motor shaft. Part# 7018566YP
  9. wh23g3g

    Looking for Snapper 3312X6S and 281222BE brochures

    I see a few on ebay for sale but I'm looking to see if it's possible to find a downloadable version of the dealer brochures for my models? I have a 3312X6S which has an 87 12.5hp Briggs on it so I don't know what year the mower is from. My 281222BE still has good labels on it and has a date from...
  10. R

    Snapper Bearing 7015319YP

    Where can I find a couple Snapper/Briggs&Stratton 7015319YP Bearings, or a cross reference bearing. Everywhere I have looked says no longer available. Someone has to have a couple of these.