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    best 21" Snapper blade for your application

    I'm currently running the high lift bagging blade (Oregon #99-103) and another no lift blade with a slight angled tip in the back (Oregon 99-121). I know about Oregon 99-107. Let me categorize them from my experience. 1.The best bagging blade on the planet is the Oregon 99-107 with the lift...
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    21" push mower asistance

    I have a 21RX1P Snapper push mower. It has the Kawasaki FC150V engine on her. Issue is I can't get the top engine cover off the motor. There are 4 nuts you remove to get the starter recoil assembly off. Three nuts come off easily. The last nut spins on the stud which goes down into the block...
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    seat adjustement for better turning

    Anyone move their RER seat up for better front end turning ability? My seat is nearly all the way back. Lot of times the tires and turned and the mower is going forward. Happens more on wet grass. Thought if I could move my fat azz up some it would help it turn better. More weight over the front...
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    push mower ID

    You guys seen a monster like this? Notice the hoss Briggs weighing in at a whopping 206cc's with a cast iron bore. I've never seen a Snapper with anything over a 190cc motor. An L head which you can't kill with a cast iron bore WOW? slomo
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    Wisconsin Robin Snapper parts

    Looking for a carb for this Wisconsin Robin W1-185V 4 stroke engine. Acts like the carb is gunked up, I just cleaned it. Possible I need to clean it again. Wasn't really dirty to start with. I have to choke it to restart even after running for a few minutes (fully warmed up). Where can I get...