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    If You Had It All To Do Over Again...

    If you had it all to do over again which mower would you buy? I guess I got lucky. I bought a 2012 Fast Trak Super Duty 60" mower and have nothing but good things to say about it. I did have to replace the PTO switch but that's it. Also, finding a used mower trailer for this size mower is a...
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    Oil Change Every Year

    OK guys. I'm just getting a feel for what everybody thinks is best when getting ready to store you gas mower before winter. As the poll you: 1) Change your oil before storing? 2) Change oil after winter is over getting mower ready to cut in the spring? 3) Change as needed all...
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    So....What's Your Cleaning Procedure After Mowing?

    After owning my mower for 3 years now I'm pretty much in the rhythm of using the blower on the mower when finished and then rinsing it off good. I know this doesnt make the mower spotless but it does keep it in decent looking shape. When it was new I'd use soap on it but as with anything I own I...
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    Everything About Raptor?!?

    Since the Raptors are being sold from the big box stores it seems almost every post is about them now...either upgrading/adding parts or repairing them. What happened to the SD's and up? The more commercialized mowers must be like my Super Duty....came with everything and just dont give problems.
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    Blades Wont Engage

    On my Fastrak SD I dis-engaged the blades to cross the driveway and afterwards they wont re-engage? I took the panel off and checked for any loose wires. I unplugged the switch and made sure it was plugged in good after checking for any loose connections. Matter of fact I tried checking ALL...
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    Winterize Your Mower

    So....what do you guys do?
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    Little Wonder Hydro Brush Cutter

    Thinking on buying one tomorrow. Anybody own one or ever used one? Found a GREAT deal on a practically brand new one and cannot hardly pass it up. Have already checked into rentals and theyre asking close to $100 a day so thought I'd try buying my own. Any opinions?!?
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    A BIG Scare The Other Day!

    I was making haste cutting the yard the other day when I came up onto a piece of granite that has been laying at the edge of my yard for years. With all my other mowers I simply ran over the sawed rock as it was almost even with the top of the ground and have never had a problem. Well, dumb me...
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    So...How Clean Is Your New Mower?

    I know we're all very proud of ourt new man-toys. Atleast I know I am. Just curious...knowing these things cut grass and all, how clean do you keep yours? After finishing the lawn today I took the blower to my mower and after it cooled off I squirted it off with the hose. Thats about it for me...
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    I NEED A Bigger Lawn!!

    Every since I bought my new zero turn mower I cant get enough of cutting the grass. Wow! What a change this is!! Where I went from...hating to do the lawn:thumbdown: (and it taking me 2.5 hours just doing the cutting on a worn out Sears mower) now finding myself trying to cut when the grass...
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    2nd Cut With Hustler SD

    My second cut with my new Hustler Super Duty and I wanna say I'm EXTREMELY pleased.:banana: It wasnt nearly as much just riding and playing around as was the case during the first cut. I wasnt in a hurry either...just steady I guess. Going from an old wore out 42" Craftsman tractor type mower...
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    Which Oil Are You Running?

    The manual doesnt say anything about brand of oil to use but does recommend changing it at 8 hrs. (new machine). So....which Brand and weight oil are you guys running in your Kawasaki motors? BTW, mine is the FX730V motor.
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    Well.....I'm A New Owner!!!

    I went to the closest Hustler dealership this morning just to compare the Super Duty to the FasTrak. I have been talking thru e-mails with a guy about 100 miles away trying to get rid of his 2012 stock (since I'm suspecting he's having to pay for them now) and wanted to be sure what I wanted...
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    What's The Difference?!?

    Other than the obvious, the breakdown ROPS and the FX motor vrs. the FS motor, what are the differences between the FasTrak and the FasTrak Super Duty? Seems like the SD has a bigger fuel tank. Comparing those two mowers on the Hustler website the specs match up perfectly as twins. I'm headed...
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    2012 FasTrak SD with Honda Motor?!?

    Is anybody running a FasTrak Super Duty mower with the Honda GXV630 motor on it? I have found this one...a good price on a "NEW" 2012 SD in 48" cut but I dont know anything about this engine. I looked it up and see where it's rated as a 20.8 hp motor. My other option is the regular FasTrak (54"...