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Dec 9, 2020
Greetings & Happy Holidays .
New member here, been following this site a few days.

Exmark Metro 48" bought new in 2010, been great no issues. I have been doing my own minor maintenance, oil chg, gas filter, plugs and such. Homeowner 3 acres 1 1/2 grass probably only put on 200 hrs in 10yrs. My other machine is a 1985 Wheelhorse 416-8 garden tractor that I use for mowing & leaves. Received that on a trade with a friend who refurbished it about 10 yrs ago. Love it, heavy duty plus. Hour meter stopped working 10yrs ago with 1856 hrs on it. Still running strong. Rotating between two machines is good for the longevity of the machines and my legs.

Sure this site will be helpful when I need help with more advanced mechanicals and other related subjects like the cordless Milwaukee M18 mid torque impact wrench I just picked up. Future blade changes should be easier as long as I remove on high and install on low. Torque wrench at the ready.


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Sep 18, 2020
Welcome Aboard !

If you have any slopes on your property, you'll soon discover to divide the time on each machine by topology. The Wheelhorse may feel much more secure while cutting across the face of slopes, especially if the slope ends in a secondary hazard, like a drop-off or water. Meanwhile the 2-wheels do everything design of the Exmark will excel in getting close to trees and poles, thus eliminating a lot of your trimming.

Either way, you'll love the Exmark !!