Used 2019 Husqvarna 146XD or New Cub Cadet LT50 XT1


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Sep 8, 2022
  • / Used 2019 Husqvarna 146XD or New Cub Cadet LT50 XT1
Hey all,
New to the forum and I live on a somewhat 20 acre hilly area in Central PA. I'm only mowing about 4 acres of it and what is mowed is at 15% grade or less. I'm looking at a used Husqv 146XD for $2100 or a new Cub Cadet XT 1 LT 50 on sale for about the same price. I do plan to haul a cart and plow or snowblow (with mower blower attachment) our 600 yard driveway with a slight slope using weights and tire chains. My biggest concern is losing the warranty on the Husqv since it's about 3 yrs old and probably past warranty. Have a Husqv dealer about a mile from my house and a Cub dealer is about ten miles away. The Husqv is being sold by the original owner who's moving and said he's done all recommended service. Only issue is the hour meter says 100 hrs when it should be around 50 hrs. Apparently his daughter turned the key and let the hours clock without it running. Cub Cadet is free home delivery and the Husqv is a two hour drive from me. It will be my first riding mower and hoping to get years of use. No, I can't afford much more since I want to get the snowblower attachment which aren't cheap. Any thoughts on what I should do?