Toro 4260 - Kawasaki FR651V acts like it's running out of fuel


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Apr 27, 2011
2011 model. It starts up and runs fine. After a while, it's starts to sputter and tries to die. It sounds exactly like my generator or pressure washer when I shut them down by running the carburetor dry. That's why I think it's a fuel issue (although you can never rule out ignition). About 2 out of three times, if I stop, disengage the blades, it will recover. About 1 out of 3 times it will die. I set for a minute and restart it. It seems worse when I go over bumps. Thing I have tried so far with no change:

1. replaced the fuel filter. I bought it from the Toro dealer so I feel like it's the right filter. They said it was good for up to 30 HP.
2. replaced the spark plugs and air filter
3. removed and flushed the fuel tank, inspected the fuel ines - all look good - refilled with ethanol free gas and carb cleaner and fuel stabilizer (normally I just run normal pump gas - 10%E)
4. Sprayed into the throttle body and on the outside of the carburetor with choke cleaner
4. jumpered the seat switch

So far, I haven't really wasted money because these are all tune up items on a 9 yr old mower. I may have to resort to parts swapping (fuel pump next) but I know that is not really the best approach.

Do these things have a governor? I know when we use to tinker with the governors on min bikes - they would have the same effect - making the engine stumble......

HELP !!!