Problems with Massey Ferguson ZT 29 need some help


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Mar 20, 2019
Looking for a bit of help. I own a 2013 Massey Ferguson ZT 29 with the Iseki diesel motor. It has been a phenomenal mower for me until this spring I took it in to a local mower shop to get it serviced. While it was in the shop the PTO and deck raise/lower functions stopped working. The local place was not a MF dealer and they could not figure out what was wrong with it. I called all local places and was astonished to find that nobody worked on Massey Ferguson mowers. I went to MF website and called the closest dealer they had listed and they told me they only work on tractors. The next place I called said they could work on it, so I took the mower to them and when I dropped it off they told me this was the first MF mower they had worked on and that they had quit making them. Fast forward 3 weeks, they are not quite sure why the PTO won't engage and why the deck won't raise or lower, but the tech support at Massey Ferguson told them to just install what they call a whole new pump set, which is the left and right hydraulic pump and a new transmission, costing me $3800. The transmission wasn't even my problem, but now I think they are just trying to throw parts at it. I'm just really frustrated because I could buy a new mower for what they want to repair it. And now, knowing that literally nobody works on these things I am going to be scared to run it for fear it might tear up again. I wanted to post here and see if anyone might be able to give me repair advice or have had any similar problems, or even know someone that could give some better direction.

Does anyone know how to purge the hydraulics on these mowers? I'm going to pick it up this weekend (unrepaired) and see if I can purge the lines with hopes it might fix it. If not, I'll probably sell it as is and come up with another mower somehow.


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Apr 26, 2012
Purging Air from Hydraulics
1. Raise rear wheels off ground. Brace with jack stands.
2. Put bypass valves so it freewheels.
3. Get on mower start it and release the brake.
4. Push drive lever full forward for 10 seconds the full reverse for 10 sec. Do this 10 times for forward and 10 times for reverse alternating between each.
5. Return levers to the parked position and set brake. Turn off the mower. Move bypass valve bake to normal operation.
6. Get back on the mower and start it. Do step #4 again.
7. Return levers to the parked position and set brake. Turn off the mower.
8. Return mower to ground.
9. Test for proper working. If not repeat.
10. Check oil level and fill.