Not Cranking on key. TS348D


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May 17, 2022
So nothing when key is turned to start position.
Diagnosis so far:
Symptom: No power to solenoid when key turned.
Checked the following:
12V measured on Bat. wire at switch.
Key switch good: B + S terminals show continuity when key turned to start position.
Solenoid Good: Ran a jumper wire from + Bat to solenoid input terminal (white) and machine cranks and fires right up. Operates normally there after.
Clutch Safety Switch Good: Works properly when engine running. Continuity between White to white and grey to grey terminals with parking brake engaged.
Clutch Safety Switch to Solenoid wire good: Continuity.

Only circuit I could not get continuity on was the Clutch Safety Switch to the Starter Switch. Per the wire diagram there is a PTO engagement switch. As my machine does not have a PTO switch, I am thinking possible fault in how they jumped these connectors. I am assuming standard harnesses between models with and without PTO. Where do I find how they bypassed the C to H connection in the PTO switch? The Red portion of the circuit is the only thing I could not test and I do not get continuity between the Clutch Safety Switch and the main Starter switch.

Any advise?



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Nov 29, 2014
So you are saying no continuity S to C or H to brake
Broken wire or bad terminal crimp
The wires will pull out of the plugs so get some terminals & run new wires
Could try some contact cleaner and repeated unplugging & plugging as the contacts are supposed to be self cleaning
I will not try to describe how to remove the wires because there are thousands of You tube videos on it , easier to understand seen than described
Search "Packard 56 terminal removal "
Please do not try & bypass either switch
The starter is not strong enough to crank the engine with blades on & you will burn it out plus the chance of the blades spinning while one of your hooves is under the deck
California is worried about the castenogeric problems from the nickel in the blades every other state worries about blood loss