New Urethane Plow Edges

Darryl G

Lawn Addict
Apr 5, 2017
My new plow edges finally came in. They recently became available for V plows with the built-in curb guard and integrated center snow catcher.

Starting this season my plowing accounts are strictly residential, so I have several gravel driveways, do a lot of pushing up onto lawns and am constantly plowing at the transition between the road and driveway where steel edges tend to catch. The Urethane edges should make all of that easier with less damage, including to sealed driveways which I have several of.

I'm generally not dealing with much hard pack which is where they have a disadvantage to steel. The lower edge has a bevel and sits flat so I think they're ready to use without any sort of break-in. I'm a little concerned about now having a shelf above the edge for snow to get stuck on top of.


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