MTD model number changes effective 2020


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Nov 29, 2014
Whatever you do with the old batteries, do not store them inside, alongside or under any structure.
Unless of course business has been so bad a massive insurance claim would be to your financial gain.

Once a Lithium Ion battery starts to burn it can not be extinguished as you have the fuel (- plate ) and an oxadizing agent ( + plate ) together in a nice little package.
No matter what you do the burning batteries can not be put out. they will continue to burn even if you drop them in a barrel of water.

It is only a matter of time till arsonist work out how to use them in favour of Molatove cocktails.
Same story for charging them which we will regularly be required to do..
My chargers are all behind the welding bench and recharging batteries all sit on the welding bench which is 1/4" thick steel against an outside wall.

As for recycling this is another myth.
Ni batteries can just be tossed into a furnace to recover the individual metals

Li-ion batteries can explode when they are guillotined so they have to be "unwelded" or some one has to carefully cut the case off so as to lift out the plates & separate them.
So we know what will happen.
They will be shipped in bulk to a 3rd world country .
So if the ship does not catch fire en-route, the dissassembly can kill as many people because they are loosers in any case and don't count.


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Dec 13, 2019
Ahhh I see that it is a new class of mowers are coming to market. With most of us in the South being backwards or so some think we are it going to be awhile us in the countryside will be willing up the reliable mowers.