Linkage issue


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Jun 2, 2023
This is the linkage piece for a Honda lawn mower - GVC160. Would someone be able to tell me what it is and how it connects to the lawn mower? (It's not the governor linkage. That's intact on the mower). The first attachment photo is the linkage piece. It was hanging from a hole in the lever that connects to the auto shutoff safety control arm. I attached an image of the linkage piece. I also attached an image I found online showing it connected to the choke, but that doesn't make sense because the other end appears to be connected to a stationary slot. That would restrict the movement of the choke. (I have a manual choke.) Also, I tried to connect it that way and it's about a half inch too short, so I'm assuming it doesn't connect that way. The other image is my mower showing how the piece was attached to my mower on one side when I saw it. I would appreciate any help you can offer. John C


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