Lawn Mower Shop Stories


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Aug 2, 2013
Over the last 2 or so decades, I have had some funny things show up and funnier things happen. I sure that you all have had as well.

My first one: A few years ago, I have had my shop at my farm for a while, I was in the shop, and I kept hearing an occasional banging noise
from the driveway, finally I went around the house to see what was up.

A guy from the next town over was bringing me his riding mower, and was trying to back down the driveway. He didn't have a truck or trailer, but just had a little hatchback car. He had taken a cable come-a-long and hooked one end of it in his trunk hood latch, and the other in in the rear hitch/hole of
his riding mower and jacked the rear wheels off of the ground. And brought it over with the front wheels on the road.

He drove about 8 miles on the highway, and by then his MTD front wheel bearings were molten, I couldn't help but snicker a little.......

His hatchback hood wouldn't close either.....


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Mar 22, 2011
Not a lawn mower but a tractor story

I had a neighbor bring a tractor in for repair.
He towed it with a chain behind an other tractor with him in it but nobody in the the tractor that he was pulling and that tractor had a front end loader on it with a hay fork with sharp tines and the fork was about a foot from the ground.
Now it would have worked had my driveway not been down hill, as it was, the pulled tractor with nobody steering swung from side to side in the ditch on one side to the other the whole way but on the down hill run on my driveway the tractor went freewheeling down hill and overtook(as would be expected by someone with a brain)the pulling tractor and poked one of the fork tine smack dab in one of his rear wheels wrecking the tire in the process and blocking the driveway completely with one tractor stuck in the other.

I asked the idiot what he thought he was doing a stupid thing like that for. And why not phone me and i would've helped him drive it over.
Fella got so mad he walked home and left the mess for me to clean up.

I had to phone him a year later to get him to pick up his repaired tractors otherwise i would sell them to settle the $3000 bill.
He came a week later with another guy, didn't say a thing ,handed me the money and drove away with his tractors.
I hasn't spoke to me since.:cool:
Was somehow my fault i guess :rolleyes:


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May 23, 2013
This happened in the late 1960's. A mechanic in the shop named Marvin was working on an old D-4 Clinton chainsaw that had carburetor troubles. Directly across the street from the shop lived a guy that was a Justice of the Peace and people would go to his house and get married. Anyway there was a wedding ceremony going on at the guys front porch with several other people attending the cereony while Marvin was working on the Clinton. The Clinton had a stack muffler and if you've ever heard one of them running you know how loud they are. We had a log outside of the shop that we used to test chainsaws on and Marvin wasn't having much luck getting the Clinton to run right. They had to hold up the wedding ceremony because they couldn't hear at times. Marvin being preoccupied with the Clinton was obliviouse to what was going on across the street. The guy called the police. When the policeman arrived he had to tap Marvin on the shoulder with the Clinton running at full bore and told him to hold off working on the saw until the wedding was over. When the wedding was over and everyone attending the ceremony left, here came the guy across the street to complain to my mother about the noise which was a common occurance. After he told my mother off about the noise and was returning across the street, Marvin yelled out to him that he wasn't going to charge him anything for the wedding music. You should have seen the guys head turn red and the cursing that came out of his mouth