Buying Advice Is this a decent deal on a 430d


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Aug 1, 2019
Hello, I am looking for a mower that can mow 6 acres quickly. I have a 48" yazookeys zero turn but it takes a long time at 6-7 mph.

A guy I know has a 430D 72" side discharge for sale with 2280 hours on it and he claims it is about 6 years old. He wants $4k. He says it is works well, cuts smooth. It is at a professional lawn care service where they maintain and use it for their larger customers. Pictures look a bit rough. What do you guys think? Price good? is 2280 hours too much to use as a dependable home machine for 6 acres? I know the engine will last forever, worry about the hydros and such. Thanks in advance.



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Oct 18, 2018
Personally with the amount of hours and age I think it’s worth about $2500


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Nov 29, 2014
Being a commercial mower it should be able to do double those hours standing on it's head.
Thus it is going to be a case of having a good look & listen.
Then the rest is up to you.
I have customers who are always calling me in to fix very minor problems that I would simply call fair wear & tear.
They bitch all the time about being ripped off buying the ex- professional mower and regret that they could not afford a new one.
I would not have bothered with 1/2 the things they call me in for and just lived with it as they are on 10 acres so it is not doing much work.

I have other customers who are pleased as punch with used mowers that are in much poorer condition but they accept that the mowers were old so rattles, squeaks & the odd rust hole are par for the course just so long as it starts and cuts the grass.,
They call me in once a year to do an annual service & i give them a list of what needs to be done , what should be done & what could be done. It gets done then I hear nothing till next year.

So a lot of it is in the mind & attitude of the owners.
Classic example, one mower has no parking brakes, they just drop the deck to the ground when they want to stop it rolling away from rest.
The other had a brake job done on it that cost near $ 1000 ( AUD ) cause it had to be done "Right Now" after their 25 year old son complained that he could not stop it.