HR215KHXC Blade won’t turn


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May 22, 2020
I recently purchased a used HR215KHXC that had apparently been sitting for several years (10)? The guy I bought it from said it belonged to his grandfather and when his grandfather passed away his grandmother started having the lawn done by a lawn service so the lawnmower just sat for 10 or maybe more years and one day she asked him if he wanted it so he took it. He said it needed a new carb which I imagine was just an assumption but took it apart and cleaned it but the mower would not start so checked for spark and there was none. I checked to be sure it wasn’t the kill switch and it was working so replaced the coil. Now it starts and runs like a new mower but as soon as you try to engage the blade it kills the engine. I turned it on it’s side and tried to turn the blade and while I was able to move it slightly it was very difficult to turn. I don’t know if something has seized from sitting so long or if the blade brake is not releasing for some reason? Does anyone have any experience with the blade system on this type of mower?