How touch is the Ventrac 4500, with a 31 hp Vanguard engine


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Dec 17, 2016
I hope to be moving soon from central Texas to Durango, Colorado, where I will be buying one or more ranches in the
60 to 100 acre size range.

The Ventrac will not be the primary mower for the larger pastures, but it will be called upon to help, while powering many of the attachments for various and sundry farm and ranch-related tasks / duties.

I am fairly familiar with the quality of the Scag machines, primarily the Turf Tiger with the large gasoline engine.

I know how touch the Scag is.

My question is this: Is the Ventrac 4500 with the 31 hp Vanguard as touch as the Turf Tiger is as well engineered? Is it as tough? Are its spindles and other 'components' as well designed as Scag's.... Will the Ventrac last as long as the Scag ?

What are the weaknesses of the Ventrac?

Would you buy another 4500 ?

If NOT, please explain why.