Honda HR215 HXA serial #s


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May 1, 2020
Hello all. I’m a newbie here, and this is my first post. Today I picked up a Honda HR215 HXA Master Series that was being sold by get this 8th grader! He wanted $90, and because I admire his ambition to make a buck, I didn’t even dicker with him. Lol! It came with two bags, mulching plug, and is equipped with the Quadra Cut blades. It does need a throttle cable, so I went ahead and ordered that along with the speed control and the cable that engages the blades. It will be replacing my trusty HR214 that’s 30 odd years old, as it’s burning oil. I’m hoping to repair that engine while the HR215 pinch hits. My question that I have is in regards to the serial #s. I know that sometimes the Honda serial #s can be a bit confusing so I was hoping somebody here could help make sense of it.
On the little sticker towards the back it reads 6202563 HXA, and the metal stamped plate reads HR 215 EC. Any info would be great thanks! Rich