High Altitude Carbs


Lawn Royalty
Mar 11, 2012
I’ve been doing this work for a long time, but never had this question before. I am selling a used Stihl FS46 trimmer and a BG85C blower to an extreme novice who is moving from Wisconsin to Colorado. I want to make sure that these units will work in the high altitude conditions before I complete the deal. Does anyone know if the setup for Wisconsin will work in these high altitudes, or do I have to do something different, like replacing the carbs. This customer is such a novice that I hesitate to even try to show him how to adjust the carbs. I’m not going to sell him the units to him unless I’m sure that they will work for him, even if it costs me the sale. Any help will be greatly appreciated and I’ll also learn something in the process. Rivets
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