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First time home/lawn owner here in Middle Tennessee.

I purchased my first home late last Summer (July) and at that time the home had a thick Bermuda lawn. I am learning very quickly that I should have not skipped aeration, overseeing and pre-emergent. Now I have a lawn with Bermuda (not as thick as last summer) Crabgrass, Quack-grass and some Poa type grass.

Any suggestions of wha I can do to begin the journey back to a good lawn?

I would like to learn how to do this stuff myself if possible. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Go visit your county ag agent and see what literature they may have to guide you.

Some of what you're seeing now is killed by pre-emergent chemicals. So that means you'll have to kill next year's crop no matter what you do this year.

The ag agent is the place to start. They can probably tell you what problem weeds you have and how to take care of them.


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Ther are a lot of "weed & Feed" type sprays.
Get one that will not hurt whatever type of grass you want to keep.
Mow at the highest setting and spray several times at the recommended intervals.
Broad leaf weeds can be easily killed off by sprinkling "weed sand", a mix of dry fertilizer & sand directly on their leaves.
This will kill the weed by overfeeding ( fertilizer burn ) and the residual fertilizer will encourage the surrounding lawn to grow strong.

Then as already suggested, arm yourself with the required chemicals for next season and mark the dates on you calendar , diary, put a note on your dash , steering wheel, fridge and anywhere else that you will see it.
Pre-emergents are useless once the weed is 1/2" tall.