Crappy/Junked CMM1200 Cordless B&D Mower: Sorting It Out


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Aug 27, 2019
I just purchased the above mower for cleanup around fruit trees, street light and tight areas. This is my first cordless mower.

My observations regarding this mower are as follows:

1. mower's motor initially did not move at all;

2. I had a bunch of bad/crappy battery connections;

3. each of the two batteries was at about 12.25V (and 24.5V when tested in series);

4. one battery terminal was cross-threaded/corroded to the point where the head broke off when trying to unscrew the connection (other three battery connections came apart without problem);

5. tested battery charger and it is putting out 27V (apparently the correct voltage);

6. disconnected switch and wiring from motor and mower and then applied 18V from a cordless drill. Motor spun up nicely.

7. disconnected switch and wiring from motor and mower and then applied 12V from one of the mower's batteries to a 12V led light. LED lamp lighted nicely.

8. I put the battery and switch back into the mower and the motor still did not spin at all. I then jumped the circuit breaker with a screw driver while mower handle was actuated. Motor spun up nicely. Circuit breaker worked for the LED lamp (low load) but not for the mower's motor.

Conclusions: a.) I have ordered two 12V automotive circuit breakers from Amazon as follows: i.) 20A 12V circuit breaker (P/N: CBC-20B); and ii.) 40A 12V circuit breaker (P/N: WH10480-1). "i" was less than $3 and "ii" was less than $5 with free shipping for prime members. I should be receiving these circuit breakers in a few days. I will update the board on my results.
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