Craftsman 4.5hp Yard Vacuum


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Nov 10, 2018
I picked up a Craftsman 4.5hp Yard Vacuum on the side of the road, sign said needed a little work. Looked clean.

What I am finding is when I pull the rope I hear a clunking, not from the engine but down below in the blower section. Odd thing is with the spark plug out it doesn't clunk. I ripped it down took the covers off to look at the blower and there are 2 weighted "flail blades" that freely move and rotate out when spun. I figured these must be hitting somewhere, but no, they clear everything. I duck taped them in the closed position and no clunk pulling the cord. Put a shot of gas in as I wanted to see if it ran at least and it runs, tape came loose and clunked til it stopped.

Anyone have any experience with these, I'm stumped.
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