CM1936: Replacing plastic "cranks"


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Jun 1, 2020
I'm a long time B&D rechargable mower owner - had a CMM1100 for many years that I replaced with a Type 1 CM1936 that I bought new in 2010.

I cannot seem to be able to use the safety feature of the CM1936 mower. I've replaced both of the plastic "cranks" inside the switch - the one with the spring (pushed by the orange button) and the one connected to the "kill switch" bar. Both springs are in the correct position. I push in the button then pull back the "kill bar" and the two plastic cranks just pop against each other and do not fully engage. I can see that the plastic will start failing (again) where the two plastic cranks touch. Any ideas? The relay itself tests out fine.

For now, I took out the spring for the orange button, essentially deactivating the safety mechanism. The mower starts just by pulling back the kill bar (of course with the key in).