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I did a search but nothing came up.

When I cut my yard with ZTR it is very bumpy. My yard used to be a horse field. I have 4 acres and am putting a house on it. Since this will be a lawn in the future I would like to get it smooth. So far the grass part is looking good, now I just need to get it smoother. Any ideas on what I can do? I don't want to fill the divots with dirt since that might take a lot. One suggestion was to use one of those heavy rollers a day after it rains a lot.


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Hire a rotary hoe.
Rolling the field flat will compact the soil and that will make it very hard for good grass to grow.
However if you are going to run horses on the field, it is a waste of time doing anything till after the horse is gone because when the soil is wet they will leave massive holes every time they put a foot down.
Of you don't want to rotary hoe the get a plugger type airator that pulls little plugs out of the soil then drag the plugs into the low patches.


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Anyone near that has a big tiller. That will turn the soil & with good operator, can smooth things out, then grass planting.

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Mow it exactly the same way every time. After a few years you'll develop some nice smooth ruts :tongue:


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A roller will work...we do this at times. After a good rain or water all night then roll in several directions. We use the plastic pull behind filled with water.