B & S 675E series (on huskee tiller) -- carburetor???


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Oct 2, 2016
Trying to get old maybe 2008 Huskee earthquake tiller going It has a B&S model 675E series engine -- not used in several years --- put some gas --- did not even fire --- sprayed some starter fluid in intake fired and ran maybe 3-4 seconds ----- so -- took the carburetor off--- really bad looking --- tried to clean with brushes/cleaner -- cleaned tank --- changed spark plug ---- but still would not fire without starter fluid ---- So I have ordered a new carburetor should be in around Wed. --- hopefully, this will get the engine running
Any other suggestions --- the plug did not look like it had gas on it --- did have some oil on it -- gas is getting to clean but old carburetor -- drains from bowl -- --- If it is firing with starter fluid sprayed in intake -- I am thinking it a carburetor issue --- is there something else I should be considering? I did wonder about venting -- and took the gas cap off made sure it was loose.