2003 Husqvarna YTH1542XP used value?


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Apr 25, 2017
Took a gander at a clean and well-cared for YTH1542XP being sold locally. This is a very late model mower to me, compared to the '71 Sears Compact 7 I've been mowing with and abusing the past 12 years. Around 550 hours, most of its service life was by professional pick-up and drop-off and they also performed the change from snow to mow each season. It's had the transaxle replaced in 2015.

They're selling it with a Berco 40" snowblower, fully-enclosed weather cab, rear weights and tire chains, Husky trailer, lawn dethatcher and grass catcher. Quite the group of attachments I don't really need nor have room to store. They're asking $2300 for the package.

I had them put me on the list if they manage to sell the snowblower separately. They agreed the trailer and dethatcher would be easy sales. The weights, chains and cab might prove handy to me if I can adapt my Sears snowblade or score something. Or just to help it navigate our property when hauling firewood. Those would likely go with the snowblower, but you never know!

Just given the machine's age, I'm thinking their package price is on the high side but it's all clean, typical California rust-free and well-cared for. 15hp might be smallish, but the areas we mow are small too. But I'm no expert on prices. I just want to make a fair non-lowball offer if I get a shot at the mower and maybe the weights chain and cab I mentioned above.

Thanks for any thoughts and comments!


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