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    Lawn Help

    hey guys new here to the forum! we recently bought a new home about 6 months ago in southeast Missouri. its an acre, its a mixture of Bermuda, rye, and fescue grasses. it did have a lot of dandelions but I've got them kind of under control (amnie400 24D) I'm still dealing with some white clover.....a guy I worked with talked me into applying urea (46-0-0) it shot it up good and also greened it up wanting to know what direction I need to take to do fertilization(what to put down and when)? I have not done a soil not really wanting to use Scotts fertilizer due to the price.... any help would be much appreciated

    thanks all!!

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    Re: Lawn Help

    A balanced fertilizer is what I use. 16-4-8 is my go to fertilizer. Greens up well and don’t grow too fast. I apply in the spring and the fall.

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    Re: Lawn Help

    I recommend taking 3-4 samples from different areas to be placed in a jar to determine your soil structure then take that to your county extension service for evaluation and recommendations. There are also test kits to be purchased locally to do your own testing. A lab technician I visited with mentioned the test kits are basically the same tests the lab would preform.
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