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    Blades for 61" Tiger Cat II

    Hey guys, I cut mainly Bahia grass and the OEM blades have done well. I purchased a set of USA Mower Blades "Extra High-Lift" off of amazon. They do not cut as well as the OEM blades. What do you guys run? I don't have any leaves to mulch, so no need for Gator G3s. Should I stay with OEM or do you have a cheaper option that will get the same/better results?

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    Re: Blades for 61" Tiger Cat II

    I bought a six pack of Gator G5s for about $75 from Amazon late last summer. I don't know if that's a better deal than my OEMs would cost to replace, but the G5s don't cut any better. They're don't cut any worse at least, but they certainly don't cut any better. If the width and weight are any indication, I'll be able to sharpen them more times than the OEMs, so there's that. For what it's worth, I cut a pretty wide variety of grasses.

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