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  • Hi Mad Mackie:

    I have a Scag Mower and with the engine on and engaging the blades.....the amp meter goes to discharge and about thirty (30) seconds later it blows a fuse.

    Any ideas as to what my problem is?

    Hi markvdb,
    The dethatcher is a JRCO 46" double row, double action, tine dethatcher.
    Noisy spindles in not a good indication, probably need new spindles. Moly grease is not recommended in Scag spindles.
    Get the model and S/N from your machine, go to the Scag website and download the operators and parts manuals for your specific machine. In the lube chart the spindle grease is specified. You can use the spindle grease on the entire machine, but regular chassis grease that is moly is not recommended in the spindles.
    Mad Mackie in CT
    I have a 2003 turf tiger stt52A 27 hp kohler with the collection system like yours. I saw the pic on the site and was wondering where you got that dethatcher attachment?

    Also, What is your advice on grease for the deck spindles? I was using traveller moly and just switched to lucas oil red and tacky. Lots of noise from the spindles, but the lucas meets the specs of the owners manual. I dunno, what do you use? Thanks,

    Mark VDB
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