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    3 Ways todayís lawn equipment is more like your car

    The cars of today arenít quite your fatherís car. While thatís not a surprise given the rise in new technology for the automotive sector, what some homeowners […]

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    Re: 3 Ways todayís lawn equipment is more like your car

    I just LUUUUUVVVV the smell of burning 2 cycle fuel, and the music of a small engine screaming like a Banshee, my legs quiver like Jello !! ....

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    Re: 3 Ways todayís lawn equipment is more like your car

    I agree with 2 points out of the 3.

    Fuel injection is a good addition, especially for someone like me who has no clue how to work on/clean/adjust carburetor. So far I never had to *knocks on wood*. If I have to use a fuel powered machine, I'm all for efficiency.

    Electric. I'm all for it, but in my case battery capacity isn't there yet.

    Bluetooth : how to add connectivity where it isn't needed to please the smartphone slaves. If you need your phone to notify you when your machine needs new filters & oil, why don't you subcontract lawn mowing so you can keep managing your precious virtual life ?

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    Re: 3 Ways todayís lawn equipment is more like your car

    Looks like an advertisement for Cub Cadet. Bluetooth, a felt tip pen with the date/hours on the oil filter does the job. But what's next? GPS guided machines? It's just mowing the yard folks.

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