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  • LynolsOffice's Channel - YouTube ....sound familiar?....have they tried messing with your new mowers?
    I'm a industrial Painter by trade living in CA with Property in Idaho that i hope to retire to in a few years.
    Been buying these toys at auctions and figure it's a lot easier to fix up and paint here before i take them up.
    A man can never have too many toys!!
    I'll try it this way - I guess Jamestown / Falconer has changed more than I knew.

    What was the place you mentioned other than 84 Lumber ?
    Thanks Twall. And thanks for your presence here on LMF! I sure do appreciate your wit!
    Think many people check out the links here. I'm going to do a link exchange with LMF. Spoke with Muhammad on the phone, seems to be a nice guy.
    YEP - Got out of there in 74 when I got out of college (Buffalo State) -- Now only have one relative worth the bother to make that trip. There is NO good way to get to Randolph from Madison, VA.
    twall, if you are serious about sending a box for my old saw, address it to W. Burns 327 Chanticleer Trail Lansing Michigan 48917. It's my mail drop address that I use for my girlfriends LOL.

    I'd text you from my mobile but I try to keep the number private.

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