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    $40 Craigslist-find HR215 giving my 3y/o HRC216 a run for its money?

    Not familiar with all these small details and quirks. What did they do to the new FJ model? And yes, I agree, the motor seemed to have more raw power, but it was louder than my HRC. And, unfortunately, I did not enjoy the rest of the mower. I guess I wish they put the FJ on a Honda mower with...
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    $40 Craigslist-find HR215 giving my 3y/o HRC216 a run for its money?

    I didn't know this was a common thing. Not sure why they would do that on purpose. I haven't been disappointed with my mower, per se, but definitely been disgruntled a few times. I went out to inspect the throttle and governor linkage, it was actually super easy to raise the max RPM! There is a...
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    $40 Craigslist-find HR215 giving my 3y/o HRC216 a run for its money?

    I'm a big fan of my HRC216, but I admit its flaws. I bought mine brand new about 4 years ago, and it's been sturdy and reliable. But I always felt the motor was a bit weak. I guess I chalked it up to trading raw power for refinement and elegant design. I mean, this thing ain't meant to hack...
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    Updated HRC216 coming?

    I'm doubtful. I'm not sure of Honda's stance in the power equipment market. They make fantastic products, but I'm sure the mowers and trimmers are a pathetic portion of their global sales compared to cars, motorcycles, etc. Lots of companies go at seemingly odd times. Kawasaki made some of the...
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    FB460v governor issues

    Dragged a Gravely 36 mower back home. Mower looks good overall, but was a "guy who used to live here left it behind" type deal. No recoil starter (let met know if you have a spare!) so I'm using rope to start it. Cleaned carb and got it running on its own. Without tinkering, it ran way too...
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    FS94R carb adjustment? Only one screw? Is there a limiter?

    thanks for the post. I could have sworn the top one (where arrow is pointing) was for the adjusting slack in the throttle cable. I may have to look again.
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    FS94R carb adjustment? Only one screw? Is there a limiter?

    Saw an FS94R listed for sale on craigslist. $20! Typical Harry Homeowner situation. The mfg date says 2014, but the machine looks nearly mint. Barely used. The owner said it wouldn't start, and he prefers electric tools anyway. So here we are! It had gas (unknown age) on it, then I added my...
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    BR600 back to top performance!

    Yes, all Stihl 4-mix machines suffer from this issue eventually. A valve adjustment interval is outlined in the Stihl owner's manual.
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    No automatic throttle on km111r

    Throttle lock? Are you referring to the ~1/2 throttle lock used for cold starts? I've seen the lock switch integrated into the off switch. Middle will be normal running position, down will be 'off' and up will be the throttle lock. If this is what you're talking about, then it's not very...
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    Poulan Woodsmater 2250 will either idle, or rev, but not both.

    Got another stumper Got carried away and got a Poulan chainsaw in a package deal. A "Woodsmaster 2250, 2.2CID" Older model, seems slightly more solid than newer Poulan stuff 36cc motor, Walbro carb originally. Got it as a jumble of parts, but everything present. Put it back together and it...
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    FS85X just does not want to tune in properly

    somewhat of an update in my quasi-"Stihl blower refurb side-hustle" I picked up another lot of 5 blowers. This time 2 Echo PB-770s, 2 PB-755s, and 1 Stihl. I thought it was a BR600, but it turned out to be a BR700. 90% identical machine, but some interesting differences. The main thing that...
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    FS85X just does not want to tune in properly

    TL:DR; Running issues with FS85X Current main issue is that it hangs down load. Lean out L mix screw, idle falls until it's about to stall, but if I enrichen the L mix screw, it revs up again. Seems to be no happy medium. Backstory: Last year I saw a used Stihl FS85X on craigslist...
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    Can someone give me the lowdown on Stihl's shaft profiles and gearbox attachments?

    I recently picked up a used Stihl "pole saw". The craigslist ad said it ran great! Telescoping model that extends to like 15 feet or something crazy. $200! WOW. Then I noticed it had a hedge trimmer head on it. Hmm...kinda weird, but it was the 135° degree articulating variety. Didn't know...
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    HRC215 bent crank!

    I found this older Honda commercial, HRC215 and jumped on it. It was for sale cheap, looked dang good in pictures, and the seller said everything worked. "No funny vibrations, right?" 'It has a very slight buzz because it's older. You won't even notice it!' Hmmm.... Well, he's wrong, because...