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    spotted: 1963 Craftsman snow blower

    I think it does have drive. I see a control rod running along the handle, to another rod going to an arm in front of the motor. I see a few links of chain behind the cobwebs. I wonder if it has a single control for drive and to engage the impeller. The chain might be there as a reduction...
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    spotted: 1963 Craftsman snow blower

    I saw this on a nearby craigslist. Pretty old and very funky. model 536-82170 The photos speak for themselves.
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    leaky fuel pump on 1962 Briggs motor

    Thanks, It never occurred to me to replace the cover. yes, those are the "before" photos. The new diaphragm looks to be the same pattern. now, where is that honing block. I haven't used mine in 25 years at least....
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    leaky fuel pump on 1962 Briggs motor

    I can get it running and have it tuned about as well as it can be. Gas is leaking out on the top of the gas tank right under the muffler. it's hard to tell exactly where its leaking but I assume it is the fuel pump cover. What else could it be? The fuel pump is the only place with gas under...
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    1962 Briggs horizontal. Where does this spring go?

    100202 401056 6207230 Installing a new carb kit. There is a ~1" coil spring (govenor spring) that connects from the throttle cable to the regulator arm (bushing lever). The bracket has 2 holes in it. Which does the spring attach to? All the parts photos on the web don't show the spring...
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    "Big Mow" mower spotted

    Saw this at a local estate auction today. Had a sold tag on it. Looks like an early zero turn radius mower. Just hope the drive belt doesn't break while you are in the drivers seat. model -A32 BIG-MOW serial no. 36370
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    Cub Cadet Starter Solenoid autopsy

    Cub Cadet 1320 Hydro. About 20 years old now and still going strong. This is the second time I've replaced the starter solenoid. under the seat, next to the battery. When the battery is weak, the solenoid makes a very rapid clacking noise and the starter does not turn. This last time with a...
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    Motor swap/rebuild/replacement ?

    I have 2 mowers. 1999 Snapper Ninja with a Briggs Big Six that is smoking a bit. 2002 Troy Bilt Tuff Cut 220 with a Briggs 6.75 HP. Looking to sell it. both are self propelled, the Snapper is rear wheel drive, the Troy Bilt is front wheel drive. I prefer the Snapper. I'm wondering about...
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    Swisher Mower & Machine Co Inc Warrensburg Missouri

    I saw this odd duck at a flea market last fall. Just posting the photos for the record.
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    Lawn Boy 10682 Tecumseh Carb with red plastic tube?

    I just spent the entire day repairing this mower. before: missing spark plug missing cover screws filthy air filter water in gas tank water in carb float stuck rusty from sitting chip in one end of the blade oh yeah, blade bolt loose! sheared flywheel key. Now, pulls easy, runs for about 2...
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    Kit vs new carb

    It's just silly. new carb for $12.95 or a rebuild kit for $30? I am having trouble finding a kit for a reasonable amount to fit this model of carb. Tecumseh Enduro OHH50 6800D New in 2003? Used very little on my spare Troy Bilt shredder. it spends most time just sitting in an unheated...
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    7 point socket? What is it?

    uneven spacing between the 7 points. interior width is about 7/8" 3/4" hex rear end, not for a 4 sided ratchet fitting. inherited from an auto mechanic's estate. IMG_2417 by rickpaulos, on Flickr IMG_2420 by rickpaulos, on Flickr
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    Sears Craftsman Winterized Engine 2 stage Snowblower 536 918200 age?

    Can anyone tell me when these were new? Sears Craftsman 536 918200 I put on a new fuel line, new gas & oil. Started on the first pull. And it's for sale too. Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Got the throttle cable un-stuck. 4 forward speeds, 1 reverse. 2 stage snow blower. IMG_1614 by...
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    Battery terminal bolts dissovling.

    Rider mower, 12v battery. I have had to replace the bolts many times. These are the latest. The negative terminal bolt is fine, the positive terminal bolt is dissolving away where it is exposed to air. I tried using stainless steel bolts last time but they don't last either. I think I used...
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    Mower Humor

    Wind power, beer power and gluten free. Okay, wind power motor? Glutten free muffins with the beer? Don't think so. And the rear discharge towards the feet? Well, given the power input from the wind blade, I won't worry about any grass coming out. Rick IMG_1009s by rickpaulos, on Flickr