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    Mower blades do not disengage properly.

    My "new" LT1000 works beautifully, with one exception. OK, maybe more than one, but there is one that particularly annoys me. On start up everything is fine. Just the engine is running. Blades are still. The blades engage properly when instructed to do so, but when you disengage, I can detect...
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    I think my "new" mower starts a little too easy.

    17.5 hp B&S. My new to me LT1000 starts immediately and settles into a perfectly smooth idle. It does this stone cold with the throttle set to idle, no choke. The previous owner says its always started like that. Seems kind of odd to me. My experience with small aircooled engines is that...
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    Just bought an LT1000 Anything I should look out for?

    With bagger, 17.5 hp B&S. Fully serviced, new belts. Looks to have been very well cared for. Paid 500 + 50 delivery. Seems like a fair deal, although this morning, I see the same mower w/bagger for 450 with Kohler engine. From what I understand, the Kohler is the better motor. Would like to...
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    Differences between brands

    In the market for a rider with bagger (lotta oak trees!). I could go write a check for a new one, but I am terminally cheap. Don't much care about fancy features. Would prefer to stay away from hydro-drive as it seems to be a source of expensive repairs. Might want to add a plow/blower at...
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    STX38 loses power when mower engaged.

    Went and looked at JD I saw on CL. Starts and purrs like a kitten, but when I engage the mower it stumbles badly and stalls when cold. After it warmed a bit, it would remain running....barely. The seller says the engine is “weak”. I noticed that when I open the throttle, the revs don’t...
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    Replacement engine for RM828e

    I have an Ariens rear engine RM828e. Changed the oil today. Couldn't get much out of it, but it may have been quite low. Filled with a little less than a qt of 30 wt . Started it, checked dipstick. It looked like it was a good bit over-filled. I thought, that can't be right. Ran it about 5...