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    Honda mower struggles.

    This is an easy situation to get out of -- in my experience most Honda engines have this issue, on at least one of the three studs, if not all of them. Just simply keep unscrewing the nuts - the stud underneath will unscrew from the top of the engine, but that is OK. It is best to work each of...
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    Inside the Transmission -- Take Apart

    It makes sense that would be the case, but I really don't recall and didn't have to get into it that far since the shaft on mine was intact. Having the shaft pop out the top may be a sign that things are really worn inside, perhaps beyond the point of repair. I would expect that a washer would...
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    Inside the Transmission -- Take Apart

    My Honda HRX with a hydrostatic cruise control transmission became slow, and I decided to take it out of the mower and disassemble a part of it in an attempt to investigate the cause. One thing I noticed was that the input (pulley) shaft to the main hydraulic plunger pump was hard to turn and...