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    Dixon hydro pumps... Someone scratched the number off them...

    Dixon was bought out by Husqvarna, if I am not mistaken. Husqvarna could have the answers for you in orange paint on their particular model. Did you try Hydrogear for your pumps? It looks like Dixon model numbers correspond to the year.
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    YTH24V48 no brakes/will not move fwd/rev.

    It's good to diagnose one thing at a time. If your mower sat out uncovered all winter, your brake linkage could be stuck and will probably need to be freed up. Some lube spray or white grease is regular maintenance. Located your manual or download one online. It's amazing what you can learn from it.
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    Rebuild kit for Snapper Model No. ZT18440KH

    The hardest part of fixing your deck is removing it from the mower. By a quick search, it seems eReplacementparts has everything you need to rebuild your deck. They also have your deck diagram with part numbers if you don't have your manual. But by all means, get your new parts from whoever you...
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    Can I swap a Hydro Gear ZT2200 for a ZT3100 on a Cub Cadet RZT 50

    3100 is the low end of Hydrogear's Commercial grade. Numbers lower than that and they are residential grade. My Snapper Pro has 5400's, which I think are their top end. It is a beast but pretty much overbuilt.
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    Can I swap a Hydro Gear ZT2200 for a ZT3100 on a Cub Cadet RZT 50

    I don't know if you figured out your hydro problem. The HydroGear website has a lot of info. It would probably make sense to ask them.