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I saw on a tread that you had a LX172 PDF manual. Any chance I can get a copy of it? My email is stevensm @

Thanks so much Mark
link on the way shortly
Thank you so much. I bought our Lx176 new but have lost the manual and I bought an LX172 used and need to do some maintenance on it. Your generosity is very much appreciated. Mark
You wrote in a thread about this 22hp briggs surging.... The govenor is bouncing because the low speed metering circuit in the carb is not working correctly.

Can you elaborate a bit on that?
You would be better off to ask your question in the thread which you're discussing. That way others can learn, too.
StarTech, I can't find the link you reported as advertising. I don't know why I can't see it unless he deleted it? Was it a link to a business he owns or works for? I think that's the kind of links they don't want on here. A link directing another member to a business which can possibly solve a problem is OK as far as I know.
Never mind. I found it. Thanks for pointing it out.
New here.
Murray Select not tramming right. Sometimes it refuses to go forward or reverse. Sometimes slows to a crawl. Drive belt appears snug with no wear. CVT belt is in great shape. Should I try (if possible) to adjust more pressure to the drive belt?

any help appreciated!
You should consider asking your questions in the Murray forum. It will get seen by a lot more members there than it will here.
Hey StarTech,
You'll have to excuse my repetitive questions on my post. Can you explain to me what wires need to go where going from my old motor to the new motor? Electrical wiring seems to always confuse me. Thank you, I appreciate it.