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Open your hood and take off your fuse box cover lid, inside you will see two fuses and a relay. Pull the relay out and get a piece of Solid 14ga copper wire and make a U loop to stick in where the relay was as a jumper problem fixed!
I have an Honda hrx 217 that had a bent shaft. Replaced the crank shaft and put it back together and when you pull the cord without the sparkplug in it sounds good but with the sparkplug in it makes a metal tapping sound on the compression stroke. Can't quite locate the sound location. Any ideas. I really don't want to reopen the engine again. But I will if needed.
Thanks to everyone,,,,, I fixed problem and just manual choke on it,,,,, running great now
Hello all, I have a problem, rebuilt carb and it has auto chock on it, so I am trying to figure out linkage,,,LOL,,,,,,,,,,, Just some fyi,,,,,, Looking at carb, the left has only one linkage ( no Problem ) now is where the problem comes in, on right side I have 2 linkages , 1 seems to be self explanatory, But the other ?
A # to a repair manual is appreciated,
i have a yth k 20 46 inch husqavarna mower well i got a used deck from a guy same size 46 inch only differnce is my mower is front shaft the deck ia made for rear shaft is there a way to make it work or can ki convert it
My Ryobi issue seems to be different than everyone else (no solenoid click, no power anywhere) but I think the repair manual would be a great help if you can sent it to me at [email protected]

Much appreciated,

I got a yth2348 husqvarna mower and the valves were way out of spec. so I readjusted them to .005". It ran for about 30 seconds just fine and went to the same old popping and hard to start. So i went back to adjust them and they were off again. Its on a Intek 23 hp Briggs. Im stumped on why it keeps moving. So if anybody could help me?
Did you make sure the mounting studs for the rocker arms are tight in the head?
Hello Robert.
I just purchase a pre-owned HRX2172VKA. Are you able to direct me to a website to decode the serial number or can you provide me details on the serial number/mower please?
SN - MAGA 1681571

Thank you Robert.