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What oil should i use on hydrogear zeroturn




Sorry for my bad english i hope you understand what i mean.

I have an older snapper zeroturn, and I have problems finding out wich oil i should use for the hydrogear.

I found a manual online for my machine, and it says i should use 20w50 engine oil on the hydro. But on the top of the cap for the oil, it says I should only hydraulik oil? Also I have found af video on YouTube with a man changing some broken lines on a mower almost identical to mine, and he also uses hydraulik oil on the machine.

So which oil should I use?

And one more question.

I have seen some videos of people changing oil on the hydro drive. In the manual to my machine it says nothing about how ofte i should change the hydro oil, in fact it states under the sektion about filter change that i should NOT drain the hydro gears for oil when I change the filter(there is only 1 hydro filter between the hydro drives, and not 1 filter in each drive)

Can it be true that the hydro oil is not supposed to be changed in my zeroturn, and I should only change the filter and top up the hydro oil if needed?




We have no idea what mower that you own or the hydro make and model.




Its a Snapper 375ZB2050, with part number 5900735

The manual i found is this one





It is a hydro gear BDP/PG pump and all hydro gear hydros use 20W50 motor oil.




5101403 1 PUMP, HYD, 10CC, LH, PE-1HQQ-DV1X-XXXX (was 5023093)
5101404 1 PUMP, HYD, 10CC, RH, PE-1KQQ-DV1X-XXXX (was 5023092)

Per the service manual for your mower.
If doing a complete oil change then you can use Mobile One 15w50 synthetic oil.

But according to the service manual you do not change the oil just the filter and top off the oil after the change.
The only time you do a complete oil change is when the oil is contaminated, severely degraded otherwise, or when you are repairing the pumps. Beside even if the pumps have a case drain plug due the way the pumps are sitting it will not drain their cases. So in order to change the oil the pumps have to be taken apart.




Thank you for your help. I will change the filter and top up with 20w50 oil🙂




I have an old Snapper zero turn and was told to only use Mobile One 15w50 synthetic oil in the Hydro stats and always to fill the filter with oil on the hydro stat system before installing the new filter. Good luck.