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Troy Bilt Bronco not starting




Good evening all,
I have a Troy Bilt Bronco probably about an ‘08 model with the 42” deck. Its been about a year and a half since it last ran. To start the mowing season I purchased a brand new battery & spark plug. Got it all swapped out, fresh gas, sat down, and turned the key and heard nothing but clicking. (Important part of the story, despite the clicking the headlights are on at full brightness). Ran to Lowes, bought a new ignition solenoid and got that installed. Turned the key and it sounds like we’re making progress. Won’t fire up but the motor is turning a bit before it gives up and needs another turn of the key. I pull the cover off just to make sure motors not locked up. She’s able to spin, and not locked up. A couple more attempts and then that progress is lost, only back to clicking and the headlights are extremely dim. I rummage through the garage and grab my Halo Bolt and hook up the clamps to the battery, put the Halo Bolt in jumpstart mode and turn the key. While in jumpstart mode the engine is cranking and sounding healthy. Won’t fire up but it sounds like we’re in the right direction. My Halo Bolt battery runs a bit low and I unhook the clamps and now after sitting down and turning the key there’s nothing. No click. Head lights barely on. Anyone experienced similar issues? Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated! Thank you!