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New Greenworks 60 volt Riding Mowers




There have been hints for awhile that Greenworks would be introducing a family of riding lawn mowers based on their 60 volt lithium-ion battery line. Well, they are finally here, a conventional 42" riding mower and a 42" Zero Turn riding mower.

They both feature a dual blade design and a sturdy 12 gage steel deck. Each comes with six (6) 8 Ah batteries and three (3) dual-port chargers that can recharge all six batteries in 90 minutes. Greenworks claims that they can mow up to 2 acres on a single charge. They both offer an optional bagging attachment, and an integrated cargo bed that can haul up to 200 lbs. They are also both front and rear attachment capable. The tool and battery warranty is 4 years. The conventional model sells for $3999.99 and the ZTR model sells for $4999.99, which is the same price as the EGO 42" ZTR.




I just checked the Greenworks Commercial website, and they appear to have an 82 volt 42" ZTR that is nearly identical to the 60 volt ZTR shown in the previous post and at the same $4999.99 price, which they advertise as a residential mower.

The listing states that it is supplied with eight (8) batteries, but I believe that this is an error based to the claimed total 2.6 kWh capacity, and is in fact actually six (6) batteries as with the 60 volt model.

Looking at the manual for this mower, it also lists the 60 volt mower as well as an 80 volt mower, suggesting that the same mower design will be available across all three Greenworks battery platforms.

Of course, Greenworks Commercial also sells larger and much more expensive commercial mowers.