2020 Radius E-Series with 708 - Owner Evaluation


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Sep 18, 2020
I love this mower. It is easy to work on, comfortable to ride on, and leaves a lawn looking great. The 800# weight makes it hold hills aggressively, and I'm able to comfortably cut in places I previously had to skip with the 350# mower it replaced. I wasn't sure I needed/wanted a roll bar, but now I have come to appreciate the added safety. The 7 gal fuel tank is WAY over-kill, but I cut areas 200 yards away from my garage and I was previously always having to return to re-fuel. Now I feel confident to cut the lawn on the right-of-way along my dead end street for 1/3 mile without having to worry about needing to walk home for the gas can. I also worried that the large fuel tank meant the 708 would be a "gas hog", and that has not been the case at all. I run the engine at slightly more than 1/2 throttle and get great cuts, excellent forward speed and very reasonable fuel use. I did elect to re-route the fuel line to a higher position so that I can reach the fuel cut-off valve while in the driver's seat. I absolutely did not like the idea of a transport deck height lock when I purchased the mower, but now that I've used it for a month I love it.

Things that I really love...
• The position of the engine puts the air filter, spark plugs, carb, oil drain, and oil filter in the exact right places for direct and easy maintenance.
• The lift-up foot pan/ belt cover makes cleaning and maintenance easy and simple.
• There are no areas where cuttings get entrapped. A leaf blower can easily remove all the debris.
• Large fuel tank.
• The driver's seat has LOTS of forward/back adjustment.
• The deck height settings are WONDEFUL. Not only are there plenty of positions, but there are 1/4" increments from 1.5 to 5 inches !! (Shown below)
• The jack accessory and the built-in jack point. I use the jack point to mount a trash bag holder for use when cutting along the neighborhood right-of-way.
• Battery mounted up high for easy servicing. The rubber battery strap is a great place to keep my oil dip stick rag. (Shown below)



Things that are so-so...
• The deck lift lever seems a little too close for my 32" inseam legs. But the operation is still simple and easy.
• I appreciate that the 2 belt tension arms need grease, but the rear Zerk fitting was hard to locate. I've been considering a remote grease system so that the Zerks could be accessed easier and more often.
• My previous Hustler set the parking brake automatically when the control arms were moved outward. The Exmark's separate parking brake is taking some getting used to.

Things I hate...
• There is NO storage space. No place to keep my ear plugs, dust masks, or muffs when I'm not mowing. No place to stow the fire ant poison I must carry while cruising my Georgia estate. No place to stow the mechanical pincers needed for picking up cans and bottles while mowing the roadside right-of-way. And last but not least, here's the kicker... the official Exmark thermal mug won't even fit the Exmark cup holder... the one and only storage spot they do provide !! 🤣

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Darryl G

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Apr 5, 2017
Good review. The Radius seems like a fine machine.

You should be mowing at full throttle. Nothing good will come from running it at less than full throttle!