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    john deere lx255 backfired on starting, then died. Will not start now

    Deere had been running. I stopped for a short time, and it seemed slower starting. Strong battery. It backfired through the muffler, ran a few seconds, but missing, then died. Would not start again. Used starter fluid, and still would not start. Spark was present. Ran bat. down trying to start.

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    Re: john deere lx255 backfired on starting, then died. Will not start now

    Pull the spark plug and see if you have spark and if the plug is wet with fuel. When you post back, give us the numbers off the engine, as we canít see what you are talking about.
    This is only my opinion, and many will say it ain't worth a darn, as I'm only a retired grease monkey instructor and not a professional mechanic. Use what I post at your own risk as you know teachers only know book knowledge.

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