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    I have a john deere z655 with a briggs engine in it, has 158 hrs, has had excellent care, oil change yearly kept clean. It just had a connecting rod seize and break on it. Of course out of warranty, no help from JD. I think it is a model year 012 was purchased NEW.
    I do not want to install another briggs in it. Question is would I be able to install a new Kawasaki engine this unit?
    s.n. is M0Z655WVBM120138
    engine model is 44q9770110g5
    s.n. 110803yg70212
    Thank You,.

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    Re: z655

    The mounting centres of most vertical shaft engines is the same so just about any engine will go in.
    Brand new engines are pull out drop in jobs apart from the muffler which is part of the mower not the engine.
    The only thing you really need to worry about is the diameter , length & fixing method of the PTO end of the crankshaft.
    After that check the alternator output is at least the same as the Briggs you are replacing.

    You will of course have to do some fiddleing with the wiring to get it to connect with the mower.
    My advice is always disconnect the Ignition modules before you start and when finished double check that 12V is not coming down the kill wire.
    From memory ( read too lazy the check ) that engine has a remote module that gets 12 v and a kill signal that goes to ground.

    Kawasaki service manuals are available as a free digital download so make sure you get one & the electrics are the same as shown before you start.

    Something in the back of the brain is saying that there was a Kawasaki engine option on that model.
    If so get the JD model manual as it will show exactly how to hook the new engine up.
    JD even sell the various plugs, if you have a crimper to connect the wires.

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