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Thread: 3 acres to mow

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    3 acres to mow

    New to this forum and wanted to know what y'all thought about being the best high grade residential zero turn that has a quality make and i am not one who cares about brand just fair quality for the price. New yard is flat and has many trees spread out through out the edges. Looking for recommendations and thoughts on what is solid.

    Sadly the ol craftsman LT2000 cant handle the yard...

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    Re: 3 acres to mow

    Husqvarna then Spartin.
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    Re: 3 acres to mow

    Lot of us here would like to be able to honestly answer that question but with all the crap out there these days it's tough. Even the old good names are pulling out the quality to raise the bottom line and dupe the unsuspecting buyers. Especially when the search is for residential. Groundskeepers at work use Big Dog and Bobcat equipment that really seem like good machines, but they're getting old and probably out of the price range for most homeowners.

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    Re: 3 acres to mow

    used commercial should cost about the same price and serve you much better.
    Got a few Great Danes in my run and they are really robust machines.
    A used commercial running badly will still be a better bet just as long as you buy it to mow, not admire with a beer in your hand.
    After that look at the standers, they are built for commercial operators but are smaller & cheaper than the equivalent deck sized ZTR.

    I like the JD ZTR's because they are designed well with features like a wrench built into the height control pin.
    Then all of the bolts that need regular checks are the same size as the wrench.
    Bolts in hard to get to places are either captive or have coach heads so they can not turn.
    The exact same looking McCulloch has 8 different sized bolt heads

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