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    New Lawn Mowing Guy From NE Ohio ...

    Not really a new lawn mowing guy, but I am new to this forum! I've been mowing for decades but have been learning there's more to the job than most people are aware of or appreciate. I've been using Honda HRX 217s for at least 8 years and love the features and quality they offer. It would be nice if they were lighter than 96lbs of course, but I can handle it for my 8000 sq ft bluegrass lawn. I noticed that my mowers bag discharge chute has been building up a layer of clippings when the mower's clip director is in the full mulch mode. I then noticed there was a PDF document on this forum on how to adjust the clip director door for a tighter fit. I haven't tried it yet but plan to in the coming week.

    I've also recently terminated the employment of the landscaper who's been fertilizing our lawn for the last 10 years or so. He had a habit of making our lawn the last priority on his list and we didn't care for the way his ride-on broadcast spreader cast a lot of product on our driveway, the street and the neighboring properties. I got a Gandy steel drop spreader and it's so much more precise than a broadcast spreader. We also got the calibration tray option so we can accurately measure the spreader's output to ensure the weight per 1000 sq ft settings are correct. Now that I'm retired and have the time, I'm seeking to have the best lawn on our street. We're getting there! Hope to learn more on this forum about what others are doing to make their lawns the envy of their neighbors!


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    Re: New Lawn Mowing Guy From NE Ohio ...

    Welcome to the forum!

    Having the best lawn on the street should always be a high priority
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