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    This will be a big a suprise for her!!

    I was sitting here thinking how could I suprise my wife, then it came to me, at the end of winter I heard my wife mention that the old 042 Stihl chainsaw was getting a little heavy for her, so I need to find her something a little lighter & easier to start. What would suggest, any help appreciated. She won't see this as I sent her to the store to buy me some more beer, is that not sneaky of me?
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    Re: This will be a big a suprise for her!!

    I would take a strong look at Echo. Don’t really know what size she will need, but with their new starting system and five year warranty, she’ll be happy for a long time. Happy wife, happy life. Have her pick it out, she’ll know what fits best.
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    Re: This will be a big a suprise for her!!

    Hey Okiepc!

    I have a suggestion for you which will keep your wife happy.
    Surprise her by taking her out to a nice quiet restaurant for a dinner for the two of you.
    Beats a new chain saw every time!

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