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    A Proper Introduction

    Greetings all!

    I found this page last year when I first got interested in this type of equipment. I made a post about a couple mowers I had received, then I got distracted, but now I am back!

    I would say I am a Jack of All Trades, I am just as comfortable tearing apart a carburetor as I am repairing computers, and other varied "Redneck" work. I have a tendency to void warranties, as I am not going to throw ANYTHING away before I try to fix it. I am 33, and even though, technically a dreaded millennial(shudder), however my lifestyle goes way beyond my generational labels. In short, I am very old fashioned.

    I work full time as a deputy sheriff, in the detention center, doing boring court things. And picked up this kind of work, more as a hobby, as I don't have the experience required to make it full time(lord knows nobody got rich by my full time job!), but I am making headway, with the acquisition of some additional tools, and practice machines I am ready to further my knowledge basis.

    As for me, there is nothing more rewarding than when you give the starter rope a tug and a old broken down machine springs back to life. I enjoy learning how things work and the science involved. My father, whom needed some serious parenting skills, but nevertheless was a savant with this type of equipment. I could have learned a lot from him, had things transpired differently.

    Anywho, I look forward to learning new things, and eventually bestowing my newfound knowledge on others!



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    Re: A Proper Introduction

    Welcome back!
    Happy to have you here.
    LawnWorld Support

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